Mountaintop Removal Made Top 10

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Just recently, I was reminded that a story on mountaintop removal in Tennessee was featured in Project Censored. I got to thinking about the timing. Back in September of 2005, a story that appeared in the November/December 2004 issue of the Earth First! Journal was honored with the #10 spot in the listing of the top 25 censored stories of 2006. Huh? How can a story written in 2004 rate a listing in the top censored stories of 2006? So I called the folks at Project Censored. Trisha returned my call.

“So how can a story published in 2004 be announced in 2005 as the 10th most censored story of 2006?” I asked.

She laughed and acknowledged my bemusement and explained that the students of Sonoma State University, who compile the listing from stories published in independent journals and newsletters, had decided, some years back, to do it this way – yearbook fashion. Thus the Project Censored Book for any year will contain stories, not published in that year, but in the preceding 2 years. Actually, its more convoluted than that.

Here is the current schedule of timetable and what it means:

Censored 2006: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2004-2005
This is the current book. It was published in September of 2005. It contains commentary about stories published in independent journals from March of 2004 through March of 2005.

Censored 2007: The The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2005-2006
This book will be published in September of 2006. It contains commentary about stories published from March 2005 through March 2006. So, it is too late to nominate a story for the 2007 book.

Censored 2008: The The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2006-2007
This book is currently being compiled and will contain commentary about stories published from March 2006 through 2007. So, now is the time to nominate a story.

Here is a little about the nomination process:

Between 700 and 1000 stories are submitted to Project Censored each year from journalists, scholars, librarians, and concerned citizens around the world. With the help of more than 200 Sonoma State University faculty, students, and community members, Project Censored reviews the story submissions for coverage, content, reliability of sources and national significance. The university community selects 25 stories to submit to the Project Censored panel of judges who then rank them in order of importance. Current or previous national judges include: Noam Chomsky, Susan Faludi, George Gerbner, Sut Jhally , Frances Moore Lappe, Norman Solomon, Michael Parenti, Herbert I. Schiller, Barbara Seaman, Erna Smith, Mike Wallace and Howard Zinn. All 25 stories are featured in the yearbook, Censored: The News That Didn’t Make the News.


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