More on the Radio Documentary on Mountaintop Removal

July 23, 2006 at 12:05 pm Leave a comment

The Courier-Journal, out of Louisville Kentucky has an op-ed in today’s paper entitled “Battered, but not defeated: ‘Do Kentuckians care about the loss of mountains, forests, streams?'” Coincidently, it is written by Bob Edwards, the veteran radio reporter who is also airing the documentary “Exploding Heritage” that I wrote about yesterday.

He asks some biting questions:

Do Americans know this is happening? Why isn’t it getting more attention? If the Adirondacks or the Catskills were being blown up, wouldn’t New York camera crews be in helicopters shooting video of the devastation? Why is there so much outrage over plans to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and so little notice paid to the destruction of our oldest mountains? Why was there so much news coverage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill when a coal waste spill 30 times bigger in Martin County got hardly any national press? Do Kentuckians care about the loss of mountains, forests and streams? Is there concern about silt and mining chemicals spoiling the drinking water? How can a state with so many hunters and fishermen tolerate the loss of habitat for fish and wildlife?

and hits us where it hurts:

Finding villains in Washington and Frankfort is the easiest thing for a reporter to do. I might also look in the mirror. I’m writing this on a computer kept running by electricity supplied by a power plant that may be burning coal. I like my electric lights and my air conditioning. Would I pay a higher utility bill if it meant preserving a few more mountains in my native state? I would, but perhaps others can’t afford to do that. We’ll never know because our leaders aren’t asking us to sacrifice our lifestyle or to invest our tax dollars in developing other sources of energy. In the name of “freeing our country from dependence on foreign sources of energy,” we are blowing up our natural heritage. We are not asked to sacrifice, so nature must sacrifice. Nature doesn’t vote.


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Exploding Heritage: A Mountaintop Removal Radio Documentary Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks Out Against Bush Environmental Travesties Including Mountaintop Removal

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