Do They Give a Damn About Their Bad Reputation?

Columnist David Hawpe of The Courier Journal (Louisville, KY) in his colum entitled “The safety train is running, and Bush nominees got tossed on the tracks” observes that coal mining in general and strip mining and mountaintop removal in particular are taking a beating in the mainstream press these days. He talks about the unexpected collateral damage – Bush mining nominees Richard Stickler and John Correll.


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“Mountain View” Removal

Clean energy advocates of wind power are meeting stiff resistance in Vermont from those, including environmentalists, who don’t want their rural mountain views obscured by wind turbines. I understand this, but it sure comes at the expense of their mountain cousins in the south who actually don’t really have to worry about ruined mountain views, just ruined mountains.

Vermont’s Reformer has this to report:

“For us to say we don’t want wind turbines in Vermont is irresponsible,” said James Moore, an environmental advocate with the Vermont Public Interest Research Group. “If not wind, are we going to be supporting coal and mountain top removal? Are we going to support oil and aging nuclear power plants and nuclear waste?”

And here’s more, a little closer to home. The West Virginia Gazette reports that the West Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club, along with Coal River Mountain Watch – a strong opponent of mountaintop removal coal mining, have thrown thier weighty support behind Beech Ridge Energy’s 124 electricity-generating wind turbine project along mountain ridges in Greenbrier County pitting anti-wind power enviros against those opposed to mountaintop removal.

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Sierra Club Resources on Mountaintop Removal

The blog, Growing Up All Over Again, presents a nice roundup of coal and mountaintop removal resources from the Sierra Club in its post Focus On: Coal – Sierra Club.

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Rocking Against Moutaintop Removal

Teen Environmentalists of Kentucky is hosting the second annual Earth Rock, a mountaintop removal awareness concert on Aug. 26 at 5 p.m. at the Kentucky Horse Park campground pavilion. See more here.

August 16, 2006 at 11:29 am

A Concise History of Coal

Midnight at noon in Pittsburgh

Jason Godesky over at theANTHROPIKnetwork gives a dark, concise, and footnoted history of coal in America, replete with images and illustrations including an ignominious photograph of the smoky city of Pittsburgh in the mid-twentieth century. He avails himself of the remarkable knowledge and resources of one of the hardest working groups fighting mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia – Mountain Justice Summer. Godesky’s post is definitely worth a read.

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Mountaintop Removal Pic of the Day


This photograph comes from a blog post of a mountaintop removal tour of a mining site adjacent to Larry Gibson’s land in West Virginia.

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A Right to Quiet

A couple of West Virginia housewives-cum-activists are trying to get a noise ordinance passed in their hometown of Stephens in Wise County. They would like to limit the 20+ hour per day blasting from the mining operation that looms above their town to 15 hours per day, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and on Sundays, the noise couldn’t start until 10:00 a.m. Anti-mountaintop removal activists throughout Southern Appalachian are looking on with interest to see how this plays out. The Roanoke Times has the rest of the story.

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