Here you can find downloadable information – images, poll results, talking points, etc – to use in your campaigns surrounding issues of mountaintop removal.


Mountaintop removal Illustration 1
Courtesy of the New York Times


Mountaintop removal Illustration 2
Courtesy of the Washington Post



As part of its American Memory project, the Library of Congress has a collection entitled Tending the Commons: Folklife and Landscape in Southern West Virginia. The collection includes excerpts from sound recordings, photographs and manuscripts from the American Folklife Center’s Coal River Folklife Project (1992-99) documenting traditional uses of the mountains in Southern West Virginia’s Big Coal River Valley.

A search on “mountaintop removal” in the search box on the lefthand side of the page, where it says “search this collection,” results in 186 photographs. The librarians at the LOC have done a thorough job of providing several index terms for each photograph. Thus, you can customize your search for such beauties as “draglines”, “reclamation”, or “valley fills.”

Poll Results

Poll results from the Appalachian Center for the Economy & the Environment showing that a majority of West Virginians oppose mountaintop removal coal mining.

Video Footage

Amazing video footage of mountaintop removal sites in TN & Ky
Courtesy of United Mountain Defense


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